"Sacred Medicinal Plant Healing As It Was Intended"
​Kali Durga Grass Roots.


                                                                        Our Company Vision

Our vision is to create a medical cannabis culture of education, proper information, and training geared toward medical personnel, professionals, advocates, activists, and patients.  

—We wish to dispel myths and bring truth, and education about Hemp and Cannabis for those transitioning to a more holistic integrative medicine, & lifestyle.

At the present time, Kali Durga Grass Roots LLC. is the ONLY organization formed in New York State that is listed as a Religious, Cultural company that is dedicated to educating on the true origins of the Hemp plant, it’s CBD pharmaceutical properties, as used in ancient times, it's benefits and various uses.

We are a socially conscious company with a commitment to advocacy and activism for the decriminalization of the sacred ancient medicinal cannabis plant. Kali Durga Grass Roots is a trailblazer in the state of New York advocating for Self Sufficiency among the Disabled to help create employment opportunities towards self-empowerment. 

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting our vision and for those who purchase our all natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Products; understand that your purchase helps facilitate employment to a disabled individual seeking self-sufficiency. Our products are made with Zero cannabis THC or CBD, however, maintain the healing skin properties of Hemp Seed Oil, known for it’s moisturizing, qualities and acne relieving abilities. Kali Durga Grass Roots LLC. thank you again for your continued support.


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TEACHING, about the 

Kali Durga Grass Roots LLC.

Was created to educate, reform, integrate and re-introduce the ancient medicinal cannabis plant to medical personnel and their patients. Helping you decide your level of holistic care is our mission.

Derived Solutions.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is inherently distinct from THC due to it lacking psychotropic characteristics, allowing for more beneficial aspects of the medicinal plant to be utilized.

In recent years the demand for medicinal cannabis has grown exponentially, ushering in economic growth, that has resulted in legal cannabis to become the fastest growing industry in the United States